Client Satisfaction

“We believe that a satisfied client is the best recommendation for the work of our firm”

At D&I, we aim to provide the five “C’s” which are, in our view, essential to providing client satisfaction. These are:

  1. Competence;
  2. Commercial outlook to legal problems;
  3. Cost effectiveness;
  4. Compatibility with corporate culture; and
  5. Complete Integrity

1. Competence

D&I lawyers consist of qualified and experienced lawyers most of who are not only Kenyan Advocates but are also qualified as Solicitors, Barristers or Attorneys in England & Wales and New York. Our lawyers seek to provide succinct advice, real solutions and the best considered  options rather than lengthy legal opinions and voluminous advices.

2. Commercial outlook to legal problems

D&I understand that clients expect us to do more than just quote the textbook to them and accordingly we are mindful of the commercial aspects of a transaction and advise our clients accordingly.

3. Cost effectiveness

D&I recognize that clients need to keep the legal costs of a transaction to a minimum. There is sometimes a perception that the larger older established firms such as D&I are more expensive than the smaller and/or more recently established firms. This is often a false perception since D&I is able to provide value for money due to the following factors:-

(a) Experience – The Partners of D&I have many years of professional experience, with some of them having practiced law for 20 or considerably more years. Consequently they are able to work in a time efficient manner. Although our fees are often charged on a time-expended basis, we endeavor to keep them to a reasonable level.
(b) Inventive Structuring – In commercial matters costs may also be saved from the inventive structuring of a transaction with a view to saving tax and other costs and expenses that would otherwise be incurred.
(c) Efficient Drafting Skills – Experience in drafting a wide variety of agreements means that our draft documentation is comprehensive and efficiently produced. The scope of negotiations may thereby be limited to the particular deal terms alone, thus saving time and thereby the legal costs incurred.
(d) Effective Negotiation Skills – Essential to ensuring that our client’s interests are promoted and that a transaction comes to a timely and satisfactory close.

4. Corporate Culture

When advising our clients we are mindful that their corporate culture, identity and outlook are very important factors in how they do business so we develop an understanding of the clients’ business and corporate culture so as to better advise and protect their interests.

5. Complete Integrity

We conduct our practice in strict compliance with Kenyan Laws.  We also take non-Kenyan laws into account – particularly the requirements to clients arising under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices laws and the UK Bribery Act 2010 which laws impact significantly upon the conduct of subsidiaries and associates as well as their professional advisors. We have a strict anti bribery code of conduct to which our staff members are obliged to subscribe. A regrettable consequence of this is that we may not be able to deal with some transactions (e.g. registrations in Lands Registry) as quickly as some clients may wish because we do not make unofficial payments which may infringe any such anti- corruption legislation, and further serve to encourage corrupt practices.

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Daly & Inamdar Advocates is a leading Kenyan law firm and a member of the Nextlaw Referral Network and Mackrell International, Top Tier Global Leading Law Firm Networks as ranked by Chambers Global

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